Hand Wash - Australian Lemon Myrtle

Volume: 500mL
Scent: Lemon Myrtle

出貨數量會是訂單數量 x 2,例

2 x 洗手液
1 x 地板清潔噴霧
2 x 馬桶清潔劑

4 x 洗手液
2 x 地板清潔噴霧
4 x 馬桶清潔劑

洗手液及 Daily Spray 的最佳使用期為 2022 四月,其他產品為 2021 五月左右。

How many times have you washed your hands today? Chances are, you've washed your hands less than half as many times as the number of surfaces that you have touched. Our hands are in constant contact with the world around us. We touch more than a billion germs and bacteria over the course of the day, mostly with our hands. 

Germs enter the body every time that you touch your face, rub your eyes, and eat without washing. Natipods makes it easy to protect the health of you and your family with a gentle non-drying hand wash. Simply wash your hands after using the restroom or entering public spaces and before holding babies or enjoying a meal.

As you lather and massage with the hand soap to clean dirt and grime, the plant-derived ingredient works to moisturise and hydrate your delicate skin to prevent dryness. The soap features a pH of 5.5 that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and won't irritate with frequent use throughout the day. 

Like all Natipods products, this hand wash is free from SLS, SLES, PEG, DEAs, parabens, synthetic colours, palm oil, and artificial perfumes. Instead, it is scented with pure Australian lemon myrtle oil, which has a refreshing citrusy note with a hint of floral sweetness to uplift your spirits.

Support the health of you and your family with frequent, effective handwashing and keep a bottle of Natipods Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash next to every sink in your home and office.

Made in Australia

Our Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash is bio-degradableOur Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash is gentle on your skinOur Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash is anti-bacterialOur Australian Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash is earth & human safe

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