About Natipods

Just a Conversation

The idea behind Natipods started over a conversation between a ‘health-conscious’ individual (lets call this person Grace) trying to explain to her ‘less health literate’ partner (who shall be known as Jackie) that many of your typical household brands and products add or utilise chemicals that are harmful to you and to the environment – remember the 2016 lawsuit in Missouri?

As the conversation started to get more serious, the two came to an obvious conclusion – if given the choice, consumers want to use the natural / healthy option and not the chemical cocktail that lines the shelves of your local supermarket. But there lies the problem…how do you know which one really is the healthier option to use? What chemicals should you avoid? Which products are considered carcinogenic?

And so, the idea of Natipods begin…

Searching Down South

Our investigations and research soon led us into the exciting world of essential oils and the many amazing natural properties that exists in them. When it became clear that this was going to be part of our products, we knew we had to look Down Under (i.e. Australia) in search for some of the best on the market.

Our Motto

At Natipods, we endeavour to use the minimum to achieve the maximum. By selecting materials that are safe to humans and our environment, Natipods is your top choice in keeping your home clean, without the nasty chemicals and toxins.

We are certainly proud of the high quality and standards found in all of our products. Our friends and families have all been enjoying these healthier alternatives, and we invite you to join us and experience for yourself the difference with Natipods.

About Natipods

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